About Us

About Us

Welcome to our company Gate Repair Westminster

Our company in California is the specialist when it comes to the gate industry. We provide gate repair services for all your problems. We can handle everything regardless of the size and brand of your gate.

Address: Westminster Blvd
Westminster, California
Zip code: 92683
Phone: 714-517-1682

Hours of Operation:

We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.
With your gate exposed to elements every single day, the maintenance service offered by our company will only benefit the system. Our technicians are experienced professionals and apart from maintaining gates thoroughly, they also provide installation, welding and same day emergency repairs

Gate Repair Westminster” is your full time gate service provider. We are here to help you with any issue you might experience with either your residential or commercial gate. Our trained and experienced technicians can take care of your problem from start to finish. With us, you are sure to acquire quality service, for we work under the premise that your security may depend on your gate. By keeping this in mind, our technicians put 100% in their work so you could enjoy a fully functioning and safe gate. When it comes to gates, we strive to be the best team in California.

Why Choose Us, You Ask?

We at Gate Repair Westminster work as a team. Our company is driven to keep all our customers satisfied, no matter how big or small a job is.

* Prompt Services: We believe that gate repair should not take too long, or it might pose as a security risk. It is a standard for our team to work in the most efficient manner so we won't waste a second, and get the job done on the same day. Once our technician arrives at your location, he is already armed with tools and supplies necessary to complete the job.

* Experienced Technicians: When you hire our services you can be rest assured that the job will be performed by an experienced professional. Our technicians can work on any type of gate, of any material. This is also why we are able to offer a wide range of services, from new gate installation to repair and maintenance. This applies to both gates and openers.

* Competitive Rates: We keep our prices competitive for all our customers to afford.

* Unmatched Customer Service: Expect our staff to be friendly, reliable and pleasant to work with.

Our gate company also takes pride with how we value training. We know that times are changing, and so are your needs. You need a higher level of security and that’s what we strive to give by keeping high standard of work. Our technicians continue to train especially since gates are becoming more complex with the advent of technology. We never rest on our laurels and keep up with changing times to continuously deliver perfect results for every client. Feel free to call us for inquiry, or if you find yourself troubled with a malfunctioning gate or opener. Call us for stuck, rotten, misaligned gates, or if you want a new one installed.

Gate Post Repair

Both swing and sliding gate have posts. With swing systems, the components can be made from wood, metal and brick. Sliding systems usually have metal posts. There is a need for gate post repair when this type of structural component is damaged. In case of rotted wood post, the repair involves removing the damaged wood and adding special filler to the hollow areas. When large sections have rotted, the component is replaced with a new one. The fixed or new wood component is painted or stained for future protection from water damage. Rusty metal posts are fixed with the use of steel wool and special chemicals. Once rust is removed, protective paint is applied. Slightly bent metal posts are carefully straightened. Severely bent and broken ones are replaced. In case of a damaged brick post, broken bricks and ones in extremely poor condition are replaced.

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