Who isn't interested in some gate repair and troubleshooting tips? Here below you can find the best suggestions

Welcome to this dedicated page which contains various tips in the field of automatic gates. Whether you are completely clueless about the operation of these systems or have considerable knowledge on them, certainly the advice provided below is highly useful for enjoying safety and security at all times.

Tips are always useful! Wouldn't you agree? If you are looking for some ideas on how to take care of gates, just scroll down. Here you will find the best suggestions on how to handle gate problems and ways to maintain the heavy panels, their parts and the whole system. Take some time to go through them.

Take care of the gate's hinges

Swing gate hinges hold the weight of the whole panel, which weighs a lot. With some gates weighing up to thousands of pounds, it's clear why most hinges are welded. It's prudent for you to check that the hinges are well-lubricated and holding up. Our experts also suggest fixing the hinge welding if it is damaged.

Adjust the sliding gate chain

The chain of the sliding gate has to be a little bit loose. If it is too tight, it will cause damage. If it sags too much, it won't enable the gate to move properly. There are tensioners at both sides and they should be adjusted. If the chain still sags after the adjustment, consider replacing it and keep in mind that these types of gate repairs are difficult to do on your own.

Inspect the gate operator for insects

It is common for bugs to get inside even if there's just one unused hole in the motor unit. This is because they are attracted by the warmth. Usually, insects can be found under the circuit board which is the warmest and safest place. Remove them carefully, preferably by hand. Refrain from using chemical insecticides as they may cause damage. Plug any holes that are not used tightly.

Provide lubrication maintenance to the sliding gate chain

Consider using axle grease which is hard-wearing and doesn’t change its texture when the temperature drops. Add a good amount of the product to a cloth and run the cloth along the chain. Remember to cover the entire length of the chain. Move the gate a bit to lubricate the section which has previously been inside the motor unit.

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