Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We appreciate the feedback sent to us by our customers and we would like to share it with you in this page.

See what our previous customers have to say about the service that they received from us. Read through the testimonials that we have shared on this page and get to know more about us.

Reliable rolling gate repair experts

“Our gate was stuck! It barely opened and then it just stopped. We checked its sliding wheels and tried to clean the area around the track but nothing seemed to be obstructing its movement. Then we thought that it something might be wrong with the opener. The guy from this Westminster gate repair company got here sooner that we all hoped he would be and confirmed our suspicions. He had to change a couple of wires and fix the motor. He was super nice! The work was done that day and the gate was back to its proper working condition.”

Sliding gate wheels immediately fixed

“The other day we were cleaning the yard and when we tried to open the gate, it made this awful noise. We didn't know if this meant that there was something seriously wrong with the system, but we decided to call Gate Repair Westminster all the same. The technician impressed us, as he got to our house on time and thoroughly checked everything. With his maintenance service, the gate seemed to operate better but he told us that the noise would completely go away once we replaced our sliding gate rollers. He had them replaced the following day and it worked like magic!”

The Best Gate Opener Service

"It was high time for me to get a new opener and I wanted a professional to do the job for best results. I chose Gate Repair Westminster because the company offered the best quote. I got helpful guidance while I was choosing the new unit. I chose the ideal advanced unit with solar powering at a very reasonable price. The gate opener installation service was perfect in every way. The technician secured the motor unit and adjusted all settings properly. He also programmed the gate clickers for me. Another thing which I loved about the service was that the guy tested it several times to ensure that it was working fine. Excellent work!"

Same Day Quality Service

The other day, I was in a hurry and I backed into my driveway gate. One of the hinges was severely bent and I definitely couldn’t fix it on my own. A coworker had mentioned that Gate Repair Westmister did a fantastic job repairing damages for her, so I asked them to come over as soon as they could. I soon discovered that this company’s emergency service is phenomenal. The worker inspected my gate and charged me a reasonable price for their hinge welding repair service. I was very impressed by how fast the job was done, and when they were finished, I couldn’t even tell where they had fixed it. Hire this company for good, fast work.


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