Do you have questions about your gate? Do you want to know more? You will find answers to FAQ here below

Use this specially created FAQ page to find answers to various questions in the electric gate industry. Whether you are driven by pure curiosity or have made it a point to become more knowledgeable in this field, you will certainly find the information which is provided below to be highly useful.

Why am I having a hard time moving the gate?

If you have a sliding gate, check its track, screws and wheels. The gate might bump in loose screws or there might be obstacles or debris inside the driveway gate track. If you have swing gates, our technicians say that the first thing you should check is the hinges. Make sure they're lubricated and well welded on the post and that the posts don't sag.

Sliding or swing gate? What's better?

They are both excellent solutions but your choice must primarily depend on your property. You might have limited space on the sides and in this case you might not be able to get rolling gates. You might have a small driveway and not enough space for swing gates. It will also depend on whether your house is on a hill or not. It's important to take this information into account prior to installing a new gate.

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