How to Choose the Best Opener and Receiver for Your Gate

How to Choose the Best Opener and Receiver for Your Gate

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There is a mighty range of gate opener brands to choose from when it comes to receivers and remotes for automated entrances, an overwhelming range in fact, which can be a little confusing to some buyers. So let’s go over a few points which can help you choose the best one for your unique needs, budget and home.How to Choose the Best Opener and Receiver for Your Gate

What are your options?

Let us start with the budget. By themselves, most gate receivers fall somewhere within the $20 - $30 range, or can be bought as part of a set which can cost as much as $1600. Obviously these prices will differ for reasons such as who made them, who sells them, and the relative quality of the product itself. The prices do vary and some types can be picked up more affordably. But as with anything, you get what you pay for.

Opener remotes can come either as a part of a receiver or bought independently and programmed to work with your gate. Most are easily programmable and can offer different capabilities depending on your needs. They can be multifunctional, linear or universal, depending on how many entrances you need to operate. With some receivers is it even possible to bypass the need for a remote altogether, by allowing you to operate the system using your mobile phone. This can be done using either Bluetooth, or for a globally wider range, the internet.

This is a very useful tool for household gates, but admittedly it would be a weak solution for gates with lots of traffic. For offices or housing estates where gates have many users, it’s best to have a system that can cater adequately for many individuals. In cases such as these a phone entry system could be used to make sure that everyone who needs access can get it, and those who don’t cant.

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